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For the majority of roof types, using a standard high-power washer can easily damage tiles, not to mention waste water. That’s why we use a no pressure cleaning technique to make sure your roof gets clean and stays clean without damaging it. To do so, we use our Eco Cleaning solution. This Eco Cleaning solution kills the algae on your roof instead of spreading it. Best of all, it doesn’t even need to be washed away! Once applied, it cleans your roof and then hardens into a sealing coat that continues to keep your roof beautifully clean!

So, if you need a strong cleaning that’s environmentally friendly, call us today for our no pressure washing service!


Drywall Repair
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When it comes to adding value to your home, home improvement jobs are best left up to the experts. Sure, you could do them all yourself, but they’ll begin to pile up and the quality of work will take a hit. Let the pros here at Big Green Men help you out by taking some of those home improvement jobs off of your hands. From sealing and waterproofing, to drywall and deck repair, our team has used their expertise to help homes look and function better since 2000.

Let us get the job done right and done quickly. Get in touch now to schedule a home improvement project!


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When you hire the wrong people to complete a paint job, you usually don’t know until you see the finished product. At Big Green Men, we take pride in our painting ability, understanding that the process involves a lot more attention to detail than just slapping paint on a wall. We use precision and patience to make sure that the paint goes on evenly and looks clean. We don’t deliver unsatisfactory paint jobs because if we ever did, we would fix it to your liking before we would ever call it done.

If your home, business, boat, or yacht could use a fresh paint job, schedule an appointment with our painting experts!